3 Types of People Who Absolutely Need a Bioelectric Shield

3 Types of People Who Absolutely Need a Bioelectric Shield

Health and Fitness September 22, 2015

Emf safety

If you aren’t aware by now, exposure electromagnetic fields is the next major health crisis in our society, and little is being done about it. Thankfully, through a combination of quantum physics and neuroscience, there is a way to protect you and your loved ones from its harmful effects.

A bioelectric shield is a small pendant that offers electromagnetic radiation protection. While everybody could benefit from wearing a bioelectric shield, there are a few particular subsections of the population that are strongly recommended to take advantage of its protective qualities. Here are three of the most important demographics that absolutely need a bioelectric shield to maintain their health:

    Children. EMF is becoming exponentially worse as the world continues to change and new technologies are being introduced, and the only way to protect children from EMF is with a bioelectric shield. While all children are more sensitive to the effects of EMF than adults, this is especially pertinent for children with ADHD or autism. The spread of cell towers, which are often right near schools and churches, means that young children have over 1,000 times higher EMF exposure than children 20 years ago. Even more disturbing, a 2010 study of children ages 8-17 showed that short-term EMF exposure caused headaches, irritation, and concentration difficulties in school.

    People who work with computers/smartphones. EMF protection is necessary for anybody spending a prolonged amount of time in front of the computer during a normal workday. A 2012 study showed that Wi-Fi exposure for only four hours resulted in decreased sperm viability. Wireless phones emit a constant stream of radiation all through the day and night, so you can never truly escape EMF exposure unless you are protected by a bioelectric shield. As the internet and smartphones become a staple of our everyday lives, more protection is needed to avoid the consequences of EMF.

    Highly-sensitive people. You may be what is known as an “HSP” and not even know it. An HSP is a Highly Sensitive Person who is more affected by the stresses and negativity of other people than the average person may be. HSP is a real medical condition that affects about 15-20% of the population. If you consider yourself to be neurotic and constantly overwhelmed with emotion, a bioelectric shield will drastically improve your quality of life and help you to remain stable in times of distress.