Save Your Practice Hassle and Money With an Electronic Health Records System

Save Your Practice Hassle and Money With an Electronic Health Records System

Health and Fitness September 18, 2015

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The state of someone’s health does not wait for a doctor to sift through his files in order to find their record. Some individuals have experienced so many health risks that their files would be almost too massive to find the necessary information anyway. Fortunately software is available to expedite the entire process.

By 2011, 55% of physicians had implemented an electronic health records (EHR) system into their everyday operations. Most physicians are on the go all day, bouncing from patient to patient for checkups and emergency calls; but in between every appointment they must go on a hunt to find their medical records. With this new software, doctors can immediately bring up a patients electronic health records. They may also be easier for the patient to understand considering they won’t have to decipher the physicians speedy handwriting.

Between saving time on finding records and the ability to see more patients throughout the day because of it, electronic medical record software has been estimated to improve overall efficiency by 6% per year. This is in part due to the services which accompany the program. Many of these services are provided by companies who can also handle billing, medical appointment scheduling, as well as some accounting duties.

With all of these responsibilities taken care of, many of the additional staff required to handle them are not necessary. Avoiding the hiring, training, and paying wages of new employees can add up to substantial savings over time.

Given the electronic medical records software benefits, there has been a huge trend in doctors adopting the service. Nearly one-half of physicians currently in operation already use an electronic health records system or plan to purchase one in the next year. It will likely soon become the standard in medical practice. Don’t drown in the stacks of patients medical files and find the right EHR system for your practice.