How To Tell If You Have a Broken Bone

How To Tell If You Have a Broken Bone

Health and Fitness August 4, 2015

Broken bones are more common than you might imagine. There are so many ways that you can break a bone and taking the time to find out if you have a broken bone and what to do can help you get on the right track to healing. Bone fracture treatment is a bit different from broken bone treatment but it is imperative that if you feel like you have a fracture or a broken bone, that you do get to the doctor as quickly as possible. Urgent care fracture care is great if you want to make sure you have a fracture so you can start the healing process.

When it comes to learning how bones heal after fracture you can talk with your doctor. In most cases, bones are going to be healed enough to at least move to a smaller cast after about 6 weeks. Your age, your diet, and your overall health can affect how fast do bones heal and can make your bones take longer to heal than others. Some good food for bone fracture is of course those that are high in protein and high in calcium as well as an overall balanced diet.

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The fracturing of bones is a medical emergency that could happen to anyone at anytime. There are hundreds of reasons you can break a bone; dropping a couch on your foot, slamming your finger in the door, or a tackle from a rough game of sport. Broken bones are something you should never ignore, as improper treatment can lead to an issue with the healing of a fracture. It can be hard to tell whether or not your bone is actually broken without an x-ray, there are a few signs that may indicate that the bone has a fracture.

If you hear a snapping noise, followed by immediate pain, its likely you’ve broken your bone. However, the fracturing of the bone may not always be audible, so check for the other symptoms before deciding not to seek medical attention. These symptoms include: bruising, swelling, deformity, or loss of function in the area. While bruising ans swelling are often seen in any injury which has damaged the tissue underneath, coupling these symptoms with severe pain and any signs of deformity is a likely sign that you will need a cast.

If you believe your bone is broken, you may want to visit a medical center. If you do not have a doctor, or are unable to see your doctor for any reason, you can visit a local urgent care centers. There are hundreds of urgent care locations in the United States, so there is a high chance that there is one in your neighborhood. Most urgent care facilities are fully stocked, and are staffed by highly trained doctors, nurses, and doctors assistants. Urgent care centers offer same day appointments, so you will be able start the road to recovery sooner.