Get Sports Physicals Done at Your Local Urgent Care

Get Sports Physicals Done at Your Local Urgent Care

Health and Fitness June 11, 2015

School physicals

Sports physicals are required for many student and even adult athletes who need to show they are in superb shape for their next season. The downside of sports physicals is trying to fit them into your busy schedule, getting an appointment in time to start, and the cost of being examined. Luckily, urgent care clinics are there for anyone who needs a sports physical and can’t go to a traditional family practice doctor.

Get in Fast, Leave Fast
Waiting in a doctor’s office is never any fun. Many people schedule appointments on breaks or during blocked out segments of time in their schedules, but don’t have a lot of time to waste, waiting. An urgent care clinic, however, can easily do sports physicals, quickly and efficiently. In fact, almost 70% of all urgent cares have a wait time of less than 20 minutes, getting you in, out, and on your way. Best of all, no appointments are needed!

Flexible Hours
Another great thing about going for sports physicals at urgent care centers are their extended hours, and often, late and weekend opening times. Over 60% of urgent cares open before 9am, and close to half are open Saturdays, while 30% are open Sundays. Best of all, more and more units are offering 24/7 care, making getting your physical done easy to fit into your packed scheduled.

High Quality Care

If you’re worried about the quality of care you’ll receive at urgent care centers, it may help to know that 95% of centers have physicians on staff. If you have any questions for a doctor, they can easily be answered. In fact, the only thing you’ll receive less of at an urgent care unit, is the bill!

Urgent cares are great options for obtaining sports physicals quickly, affordable, and conveniently. Be sure to swing by the next time you need a physical, or any other type of medical service.