Three Helpful Forms of Joint Replacement Surgery

Three Helpful Forms of Joint Replacement Surgery

Health and Fitness October 6, 2014

Arthroscopic hip surgery

Why are 95% of American patients satisfied with their joint replacement surgeries? Is it because there are many joint replacement options to choose from? Or because joint replacement is an effective way to relieve pain and improve functionality? Whatever the reason, it is crucial to consider getting the right surgery option for your needs.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

During 2013, more than 330,000 hip replacement surgeries were performed in the United States. In addition, the number of annual hip replacement surgeries is expected to grow to 572,000 by 2030. This is because total hip replacement surgery involves swapping out damaged or arthritic joints for artificial substitutes, which greatly reduces hip pain.

Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

Although the leading cause for knee replacement is osteoarthritis, nearly anyone who experiences chronic knee pain can receive this surgery. This is beneficial because 85% of knee replacements last for more than 20 years, meaning knee pain is virtually a non-issue for most recipients of this surgery. Considering that an incredible 90% of knee replacement patients experience a significant reduction in pain, nearly 720,000 Americans received this surgery in 2013.

Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

During this surgery, doctors replace the area of the shoulder that is experiencing the most pain. For example, depending on the severity and location of your pain, the upper arm bone, collarbone, shoulder blade, or ligaments will be replaced. However, because the shoulder consists of several parts, you must prep for surgery by receiving a medical evaluation to determine which part actually needs to be replaced.

If you experience pain on a regular basis, it is important to consider getting joint replacement surgery. Fortunately, there are several types of this surgery available, including knee, shoulder, and hip joint replacement surgery, and each one is helpful in its own way. As a result, it is no wonder that nearly 3.5 million joint replacement surgeries will be performed annually by 2030. Helpful research also found here: