The Top Three Things You Didn’t Know About E Cigs

The Top Three Things You Didn’t Know About E Cigs

Health and Fitness October 2, 2014

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E cigs have become more and more popular in America, but many people still don’t know a lot about them. Here are three things you might be interested to know about e cigs:

1. E Cigs Are Older Than You’d Think

Electronic cigarettes certainly seem like a new innovation. After all, anything electronic harks to a modern era, and besides, has anyone heard of e cigs being used before the last few decades anyway? While it is true that e cig use has shot up recently, it is not true that e cigs are at all a new technology; they were invented more than fifty years ago in 1960! While it wasn’t popular then, it certainly seems like an idea whose time has come.

2. E Cigs are On the Rise

Indeed, e cigarettes are only growing. Their usage shot up quite a lot about a decade ago, but their use has not stopped and is expected to quadruple in the next year. Anti smoking campaigns are finally coming to fruition and e cigarettes are filling the cigarette shaped void in smokers’ lives. It isn’t just the health scare making people change though…

3. E Cigs Attract Smokers For Multiple Reasons

While a lot of smokers are changing to e cigs because it is healthier and makes them feel better than smoking traditional tobacco, it is not the sole reason. As the best e cig liquid reviews purport, e cigs are reusable, which means that smokers save a lot of money when they make the change. Those e cig liquid reviews also note the huge variety of e cig juice flavors out there. It is relatively easy to find your favorite flavor which only makes the change that much more delicious. What do you think is most appealing about e cigs? For more about this, go here.