seattle urgent care for the win!

seattle urgent care for the win!

admin January 17, 2013

Urgent care seattle wa

Ever have one of those days where you just want crawl under the covers and sleep? Yeah, me too. Yesterday was one of those days. But, since I was at work with about a gazillion things to on my plate, I knew I needed to go to a seattle urgent care clinic. Luckily, I’ve been to a few of them and know that kent urgent care is the best.

Last year I had several days where I felt like my head was going to explode. Every single time I called my doctor for an appointment I was told I’d have to wait a week before seeing her. How does that help me when I’m in pain now? My sister recommended I check out seattle walk in clinic. That’s when I found kent urgent care. I’d been looking for urgent care kirkland, urgent care lynnwood wa, and urgent care everett wa, but it wasn’t until I happened upon urgent care kent wa that I found the goldmine.

This town is full of walk in clinic seattle with quick fixes. With that often comes a lack of personal touch. Not kent urgent care. From that first visit I was treated like a long time patient. They strive to make everyone feel cared for since they know that having to go an urgent care clinic isn’t always fun. I had a massive headache and was just told by my own doctor that I could very easily still have it a week from then when they had time to fit me in. Forget that! I needed help right now!

Sure enough, I got into see a doctor within minutes at kent urgent care. The doctor was kind and seemed like she really wanted to help me get out of pain. And not just a temporary fix, either. She recommended some long term solutions that not only gave me immediate relief, but also sent the headaches to the dump never to be seen again.

Yesterday I went to kent urgent care and they took care of me. Had I called my doctor, I would have been sick for another week. I went back to work after seeing a doctor at kent urgent care, which I was pretty happy about because my work needs to be done by Friday regardless of a pesky cold. kent urgent care for the win!