What to Expect After Botox Injections

What to Expect After Botox Injections

Health and Fitness May 16, 2022

Botox injections are a simple procedure that many people have been taking advantage of. But, if you haven’t had botox injections before, there are some things you should know. Keep reading to learn what you can expect after botox injections.

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What are botox injections? They are injections of neurotoxin which are used to stop or prevent muscle function for 3-6 months.

Where are botox injections used? Botox injections are used primarily for wrinkles above the nose, the outer portion of the eye, or around the mouth.

When you get to the doctor’s office, they’ll have you fill out a history form including all medications and allergies, and then take you to the procedure room to meet the doctor. The doctor will then explain the procedure to you and listen to your concerns.

After discussing your concerns with your doctor, they will start the botox injections. They start by applying numbing medicine to the area and then use a very small needle to start injections. Once it is done, they will have you sit with an ice pack on the area for a few minutes and relax before leaving.

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