What Is Speech Therapy?

What Is Speech Therapy?

Health and Fitness May 16, 2022

If like many of us, you haven’t heard of speech therapy before, there can be a lot to know. Keep reading to learn what speech therapy is.

Let’s start with what speech therapy is. Speech therapy is helping kids and adults learn how to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and get their points across so others can understand them.

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Who works with speech therapists? Anyone who has the need for speech therapy can work with speech therapists. They work with kids, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

With speech therapy, therapists take the time to get to know you. You see them on a regular basis, and you get to make that bond over time rather than a hospital stay.

Many people think speech therapists do a lot of talking, but it’s actually the opposite. Speech therapy is about getting others to talk and involves being a very good listener. Speech therapists have to get along well with a vast group of people from different backgrounds and disorders to be able to do their job.

To learn more about speech therapy and what speech therapists do, watch the video above!