When To Call For Urgent Medical Care, The Hospital, And 911

When To Call For Urgent Medical Care, The Hospital, And 911

Health and Fitness April 14, 2022

Most people have no idea who to call during an emergency. Should they go for urgent medical care, call a hospital, or dial 911? Luckily, Sharp HealthCare uploaded a video on their Youtube channel called “Urgent Care, Emergency Room or 911?” to explain the difference between these services. It’s not as hard as you might believe, and it’s always best to know who to call when something happens.

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Who Should You Call?

According to Dr. Phil Yphantides, your doctor is the best person to call first in many emergencies. But your doctor might not be in their office at all times. That’s when you can choose urgent care, which is designed for incidents that need immediate treatment but are not as serious such as some traumas, minor illnesses, simple burns or cuts, infections, etc.

If your situation is more severe, you will need to go to the emergency room. Therefore, calling 911 is the best option. The staff at an emergency room is equipped with the tools to help with more complex cases, such as surgery, severe trauma, fractures with exposed bones, and any other intense pain damaging the patient.

You won’t have any more confusion now that you know who to call when you need urgent medical care. Watch the rest of the video for more details!