What are Dentures and False Teeth?

What are Dentures and False Teeth?

Health and Fitness March 24, 2022

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If you are experiencing tooth loss, dentures are an excellent prosthetic that can give you a comfortable smile and eat the foods you want. This video explains complete dentures and false teeth.

Complete dentures are dentures that replace all of the teeth in your mouth. The first step of the denture process is to pull out the dead or decaying teeth and implant a temporary denture that will stay in until the gums fully heal and recede.

After your gums heal and go to their permanent position, a permanent denture will be made. There are several appointments needed over multiple months. You need impressions to be made and other custom work so the final product totally fits your mouth.

During these visits, you will also work out the functionality and aesthetics of your dentures. You will work with the dentist to make sure the bite is comfortable and the color and look are suitable for you.

Complete dentures are fixed to your mouth with suction, but you can use an adhesive to keep it in place at the top or bottom of your mouth. If there are any problems with your dentures, you can bring them back to the dentist for adjustments.

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