What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgeries

What You Need to Know About Cataract Surgeries

Health and Fitness March 25, 2022

Cataract surgery may be necessary if you have a cataract in your eye. A Cataract is a cloudy area in your eye that may cause blurry vision by blocking light. In this article, we are going to look at what happens during cataract surgeries.

Before the surgery there are a few things that must be done in order to prepare. The first is you must take eye drops to dilate your pupils.

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Next, you will have the area around your eye washed. Finally, in most cases, you will receive a local anesthetic.

The first step of the procedure requires your surgeon to make a tiny incision in your cornea. The incision is so small in fact, that once the procedure is done it will not require any stitches. After the incision has been made, the surgeon will break the cloudy area into many little pieces. Once the cloudy area is broken up the surgeon will be able to vacuum the pieces out. In the final part of the surgery, the surgeon will place an artificial lens on the eye. This lens will most likely remain on the eye for the rest of your life.