The Case For The Urgent Care Clinic

The Case For The Urgent Care Clinic

Health and Fitness September 1, 2019

All throughout the United States, urgent care centers are becoming more and more widespread. As of the year of 2016, there are now more than 7,000 different urgent care locations seen from one end of the country to the next – and everywhere in between as well. In fact, the number of urgent care clinics has only continued to grow and grow with each year since they were first founded – which was really not that long ago, dating back only to the year of 2000, still less than 20 full years in our past.

In today’s world, as many a three million people will visit at least one urgent care center over the course of the typical year. Thanks to the more than 20,000 doctors and medical professionals that work in such walk in clinics, said people are able to get a great deal of much needed medical care. And the standard for that medical care is quite a high one indeed. For one thing, the care offered by urgent care locations is often available far more frequently and regularly than care from the typical general care practitioner’s office would be. This is a statement that is more than backed up by the data on the subject, as this data shows that as many as 85% of all walk in urgent care centers are open every single day of the week.

The average multicare urgent care center will also be able to offer a great deal of care options. In a typical urgent care, various types of wound repair will be performed above all other procedures. And the most common illness diagnosed is that of the respiratory infection. For children and adults alike, seeking help at the average walk in clinic location is more than possible for these conditions as well as for many others.

Consider the typical ankle sprain. Ankle sprains can be very minor, but they can also be serious enough that the need for medical attention is clear. And as there are as many as 25,000 of them occurring over the course of just one day in the United States alone, it is clear that the average walk in clinic doctor will have a good deal of experience treating them. And, of course, even more high level injuries can actually also be handled. As a matter of fact, more than three quarters of all walk-in clinics (around 80% of them, to be just a bit more specific) are able to both diagnose and treat fractures as well.

Various illnesses can be handled at medical care clinics throughout the country as well. For instance, the common cold is often seen in many an urgent care clinic, as many people will fear that their common cold is something more serious. For as there are as many as one billion colds taking place over the course of a single year, it is easy to see how they might vary in severity as well as in many other issues. Fortunately, the average cold will simply pass over the course of a week or so, typically no more than 14 days at the very most (and sometimes passing after only just 48 hours, depending on the person afflicted and the type of cold, as you might have already assumed).

Treatments for various skin conditions can also be obtained in various urgent care clinics. For one thing, treatments for poison ivy are likely to be necessary – particularly during the summer months, when people are spending more and more time outside. And as poison ivy can actually be found in every single state that makes up the continental United States – and as up to 85% of all people are actually allergic to it – it makes sense that a great deal of poison ivy cases would be seen in many an urgent care location. Fortunately, poison ivy is not overly serious, though it can certainly be quite uncomfortable indeed.

At the end of the day, it is a very good thing indeed that the average urgent care center exists. After all, urgent care locations can provide a great deal of high quality care, something that more and more are realizing.