A Cardiologist Can Fix a Broken Heart

A Cardiologist Can Fix a Broken Heart

Health and Fitness September 10, 2019

A cardiologist is the specialist that you see when you are having problems with your heart. They specialize in fixing broken hearts and treating other cardiovascular health problems. This specialty physician has years of additional training and education to be able to provide the focused care you deserve.


Your primary care provider may refer you to a heart surgeon if he or she suspects that there is something going on with your heart that needs further evaluation. If you had a heart attack and need cardiac rehab a cardiologist will be in charge of that. You can get the best heart services by choosing a trusted cardiologist that is affiliated with a heart hospital.


What To Expect On Your First Visit


Understanding what to expect on your first visit to see the cardiologist can take some of the stress and apprehension out of the visit. Your first visit will include:

  • A review of your medical history.
  • An examination.
  • Testing will be arranged.

Before your appointment, you can gather any medical records that you have. Bring a list of the medications that you are currently taking. Consider which relatives have heart disease and their relationship to you. Request copies of any recent testing like blood work that you have had recently to take with you.


Providing as much information as you can about your health history can help your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. Being prepared for your appointment will be a time saver as well for you.


The Exam


The doctor will review your medical history, and ask you some questions about your symptoms, lifestyle and any cardiac events that you have experienced. The nurse will take your vitals as part of the examination, and the doctor will do a general exam and listen to your heart.


You May Have Some Testing Done Same Day


You may have testing done the same day if it can be arranged and the doctor feels that it needs to be done urgently, or it may be scheduled sometime in the near future. The cardiologist will explain the testing and will answer any of your concerns.


The First Step to Wellness


The first step to getting on the path to wellness is to get a diagnosis and to start treatment. The heart specialist is the doctor that has the answers you need.