Knowing Where to Find a Detox Doctor or an Urgent Care Clinic

Knowing Where to Find a Detox Doctor or an Urgent Care Clinic

Health and Fitness August 29, 2019

Americans today may visit any number of healthcare providers for help, no matter what their medical malady might be. Drug addicts can look for detox doctors who work at detox clinics, and the detoxing process may be done safely and effectively there. Meanwhile, Americans struggling with obesity may visit weight loss physicians and figure out how to devise an effective and healthy weight loss program, complete with a better diet and regular exercise. And if a patient has suffered a minor, non life-threatening wound or illness, they can visit urgent care clinics and walk in clinics in the area for assistance. Knowing where to find detox doctors or weight loss physicians can make all the difference.

Detox Doctors and You

It is an unfortunate fact that many Americans today struggle with a drug addiction or alcoholism, and many drug addictions to opioids in fact started off as legal painkiller prescriptions. Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans have a drug addiction that impacts their finances, their personal lives, and certainly their health. The good news in all this is that any drug addict may seek help, and some addict may experience an intervention, when concerned friends and family urge them to take responsibility and find detox doctors nearby. Other drug addicts may in fact visit these rehab clinics on their own volition to get clean, with the help of detox doctor and other medical staff.

A drug addict should not attempt a detox alone at home, since this person may be likely to relapse to escape the discomfort of the withdrawal process. In other cases, the detox process may take a dangerous turn due to complications, and this is unsafe if no one is around to help. So, a drug addict may check themselves into a detox clinic run by detox doctors and nurses, and spend a few days there to let the drugs leave their system. This means having medical supervision during the detox process, and the patient may experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms for a few days. Detox doctors and nurses will be on hand to help if there are any complications, and the patient will certainly not have a chance to relapse while they are recovering like this.

Once the patient has become clean of drugs, only now can they get help from therapy and counseling. Therapists may provide emotional support to recovering addicts, and help guide that recovering addict on how to lead a new, drug-free life and minimize the chances of relapsing. The former addict can also join anonymous support groups and also get help with finding a new job, housing, and more.

Finding Urgent Care Centers

Severe medical cases such as broken bones or a heart attack call for the emergency room, but not all cases are that serious. For most everyday scrapes and wounds, patients are much better off visiting local walk in clinics and urgent care sites, and these facilities are typically much cheaper and faster to visit than the ER anyway. Over 2,000 of these clinics are in operation across the United States today, most of them small and independent clinics that are staffed with nurse practitioners and physicians. Some are open 24 hours a day, and a few are in fact hybrid urgent/emergency care clinics that can help any patient who visits. Many such clinics are found in strip malls, though some can also be found in retailers, or in hospitals (they offer distinct care from the hospital itself). Retail clinics usually have pharmacies in them for the convenience of shoppers who need a prescription drug refill. A patient may expect a wait time of around 15 minutes at such a clinic.

A patient in an urgent care center might not only visit the pharmacy, but also get medicinal relief from the common cold or flu during influenza season. Four in five of these clinics offer treatment for bone fractures, and nearly all of them provide medical care for sprained wrists and ankles. Patients with a nasty sunburn or skin rash can get lotion or ointment applied, and the nurses on hand can provide stitches and bandages for shallow cuts. Upper respiratory issues are another common reason to visit these urgent care clinics.