Three Areas Where Your Local Walk in Clinic Can Help

Three Areas Where Your Local Walk in Clinic Can Help

Health and Fitness November 21, 2018

What can the family care providers at your local emergency walk in clinic do for you? Here are just a few of the areas that walk in clinics can help you.

STD Testing

If you’re concerned about an STD, most walk in clinics are also STD testing centers. The cost of STD testing is usually within reach, and is always worth it. STD testing centers can give you peace of mind while also helping you take care of your health.

If you’re sexually active, and especially if you have multiple partners, you should be getting tested about once a year. Your local STD testing centers may even be able to recommend certain STD testing at home that you can do by kit.

Mental Health Diagnosis

Are you struggling with depression? Lots of people are and especially during the winter. Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that depression is very common among the elderly, as well. If you or someone you love is struggling, the family quick care facility near you can help you find out the right next step.

Memory loss is another mental health issue that it’s worth being screened for if you suspect something is off. One in every 20 people over the age of 65 suffer some degree of memory loss, and dementia and Alzheimer’s are best managed if caught early and treated immediately.

Minor Injuries and Illnesses

If you go to the ER at your local hospital, you can expect to wait close to an hour in the waiting room. The time keeps creeping up, too. The average wait time at a local clinic is typically much shorter.

Not only is it fast: it’s also cheaper to go to a medical walk in clinic. The average cost of going to the ER is just over $1,300. A walk in clinic visit is typically less than half that.

Here are some of the conditions you can have treated at your local walk in clinic that you might previously had gone to an emergency room for:

  • Sprains and minor sports injuries
  • Flu and colds
  • Vacinnes and preventative medicine
  • Treatment for chronic conditions
  • Minor burns, cuts, and scrapes

Walk in clinics can function as STD testing centers, be a place to go instead of an emergency room for a variety of needs, or provide family medicine when your doctor’s office is closed. Whatever your medical need, consider whether you can have it treated quickly and efficiently at your local urgent care center.