Natural Ways You Can Maintain Hormone Balance

Natural Ways You Can Maintain Hormone Balance

Health and Fitness September 20, 2018

It becomes increasingly important to learn the practice of balancing hormones for men and women as we both age. Hormones have a profound effect on men and women’s physical, emotional and mental health and play an important role for weight loss or gain, mood and more. The best way strategy for balancing hormones for men and women is to incorporate natural and holistic practices into their daily lives.

For women, the holistic approach to hormone balance and maintenance starts with figuring out what might be causing the imbalance. You don’t want to put anything in your body that will make things worse or not do anything at all, so being able to articulate to your hormone doctor what feels wrong will help you get closer to balance again. Your doctor will know if your body will best align with a low dose, topical, or bioidentical hormone therapy. Once you and your holistic doctor have established the severity of your balance, you can begin treatment right away.

For men, testosterone and cortisol levels profoundly impact their health. While testosterone levels gradually decrease in men starting at the age of 30, lack of sleep can also have an impact on men’s testosterone levels over time. Testosterone is responsible for men’s confidence, drive, and desire for sex.

The good news is that there are many alternatives holistic doctors suggest for balancing hormones for men and women starting with diet. Both men and women need a solid amount of protein each meal of the day. No matter what kind of diet restriction you have it’s important to find one way to incorporate protein into your meal. It will naturally increase the hormone that controls food intake, which means you won’t be overeating at every meal.

If you aren’t already regularly exercising, now is the time to do it. Exercising helps with stress management which in turn helps with hormone balance. Exercise reduces insulin levels, which when left unregulated can inflammation, heart disease, and diabetes and cancer. Engaging in regular activity will produce positive hormonal balance results all around.

These tips are a simple way to start maintaining and balancing hormones for men and women. If you would like to learn more about how to achieve holistic health, feel encouraged to find a holistic health doctor in your area and schedule a consultation.