Choosing the Right Care for Adults and Children

Choosing the Right Care for Adults and Children

Health and Fitness September 19, 2018

Health is something for every citizen to consider, and many services exist on all levels to treat it. An afflicted child or adult, based on their malady, may choose from urgent care or emergency care, and a child must see a pediatrician, often a personal physician. Finding the right care for the right malady at the right cost is something for everyone to consider.

Urgent or Emergency?

The two major routes for adults to take is going to the emergency room, or finding 24 hour urgent care. Often, a potential patient will look for “24 hour urgent care near me,” based on their location. What can urgent care do?

First of all, a person’s primary care physician should be the first line of defense against any malady. This doctor knows a person’s individual health condition, history, and needs, and unless an appointment cannot be made in time, visiting the physician first is recommended. However, if there is no time, or the person is far away from his/her physician, searching “24 hour urgent care near me” into a computer or smart phone is a good idea. The exception is life-threatening conditions, in which going to the emergency room is correct.

According to Brigham Health Club, urgent and emergency care operate in different ways for different patients. For example, asthma, allergies, sprains, food allergies, and ear infections, among others, can be treated at urgent care, which often operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. In any urban area, searching for “24 hour urgent care near me” should yield any number of clinics within reach, and these services, while not as comprehensive as that at emergency care, is much more affordable, and going there will prevent clogging the system of emergency care.

By contrast, emergency care is recommended for serious conditions or those that could easily become serious. Infected wounds, strong chest pain (which could become a heart attack), or difficulty breathing are indicators for emergency care. These places are better equipped to deal with these conditions and their complications, although depending on insurance, the cost may be high.

The Role of a Pediatrician

According to Medicine Net, a pediatrician specializes in children, ranging from prenatal development all the way through adolescence. There are predetermined stages of child development starting at the newborn phase, although youngsters grow fast and it is more like a continuum. Afflictions for child patients may include tonsillitis, ear infections (five out of six children will get an ear infection by age three), poisoning (often at the home), cuts, and burns. Behavior health is also considered, from autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety, ADHD, and even depression. Searching for “24 hour urgent care near me” is a better option for adults, as kids often have their own pediatrician, but if need be, parents can make this search and find quick and affordable care for children.