No Sweat (Or At Least a Lot Less) How Hidrex Can Help

No Sweat (Or At Least a Lot Less) How Hidrex Can Help

Health and Fitness June 20, 2018

For those looking for help with excessive sweating, there are new answers to handle the problem. You’re not alone in trying to stop the sweat. Approximately 3% of Americans struggle with excessive perspiration or hyperhidrosis that can’t be controlled by regular means. That means the 2 to 4 million sweat glands that all of us have are working overtime producing more sweat than needed to keep them cool. If you have tried clinical or prescription strength antiperspirants without success, a treatment known as iontophoresis has been available since the Forties. A new product now being sold in America, an iontophoresis device known as Hidrex, may now be the best means of help with excessive sweating. Available in Europe for over thirty years, Hidrex is now approved for use in the U.S.

Is Excessive Perspiration Really a Problem to Break a Sweat About?

If you happen to be one of the millions of Americans looking for help with excessive sweating, you perspire 400 to 500% more than the average person. It’s a condition that occurs equally among adult men and women, ages 25 to 64. While to sweat excessively can seem comical to some people, for those suffering from an excessive sweating problem, it can be a continuing source of anxiety. A survey found 9 out of ten hyperhidrosis patients found that excessive sweating affected how they felt emotionally, often leading to a lack of self-confidence.

What’s Iontophoresis and How does Hidrex Work to Help
With Excessive Sweating?

When you undergo iontophoresis, a Hidrex device will pass a mild electrical current through tap water and through the skin’s surface. This current is filled with ions,(molecules with a slight charge) that go over the part of your body with excessive sweat while you are resting it in a tub of tap water. The process acts to close the sweat ducts. It’s literally called a ” no sweat” machine. It can be used with hands, palms feet and underarms It’s found to be effective in 98% of the time in treating hyperhidrosis. You may need two to three treatments a week starting out to help with excessive sweating.

Is Iontophoresis Going to Give Me an Electric Shock? Does it Hurt? How does it Compare?

You are not receiving any shock. Many people don’t feel anything at all, many simply feel a slight tingling that ends when the treatment (about 20 minutes) ends. There are no side effects and it requires no application of any drugs or medicine. Tap water iontophoresis is the only drug-free and non-surgical solution to help with excessive sweating. Also, Hidrex TWI(tap water iontophoresis) is shown to have a higher effective rate of effectiveness than any other TWI device out there.

What About the Cost?

Hidrex costs more than a stick of deodorant, but unlike that roll-on, you won’t have to replace it. Depending on your needs there are different models to choose from. If you have further questions, contact Hydrex USA today. Finally get help with excessive sweating.