Choosing Between Powerchair Lifts

Choosing Between Powerchair Lifts

Health and Fitness March 27, 2018

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Anyone who has limited mobility and requires the use of a wheelchair or scooter should consider using powerchair lifts as well. Powerchair lifts make the process of getting into a car or up some steps easy where it before it might have been impossible. There are a few different types of powerchair lifts to choose between.

One type of powerchair lift is the platform lift. The platform lift can be used in a variety of locations, it just simply lifts someone in their chair to the next level. The platform lift has a flat platform that can easily be rolled on to and off again. This type of lift is commonly used as a stair lift. Stairs are one of the bigger challenges for people in wheelchairs or scooters, and they are everywhere. Many public places have stair lifts in place to assist the people who need it. In fact, stair lift installation is mandatory in some places.

When space is more of a concern an incline lift might be a better option. Incline lifts work very similarly to the platform lift except that they move at a different angle, an incline. This is more easily stored and can be moved out the way so that the stairs can be used normally by everyone else. This makes them a popular option in chair lifts for home.

Auto lifts are the type of powerchair lifts that are going to make getting in and out cars easy. Auto lifts can be found for any make of car, truck, or SUV. Some of them store the chair or scooter inside of the car, while others store it on the outside of the car depending on the sort of space you’re working with.

In addition to having the best kinds of lifts around to help with mobility, it also helps to install some items that will make safety inside the home more effective. One area that this is particularly important is in the bathroom. Showers require stepping in and out on wet floors, so having the proper seating areas and safety bars to hold onto is going to be incredibly important. This is key whether the person with limited mobility requires help while they bathe or not. A bathroom fall can be catastrophic so it’s best avoided in all ways.

These days there are so many different options for making getting around easier for those with limited mobility, whether that limited mobility has to do with age or an injury.