A Guide to Osteopathic Physicians

A Guide to Osteopathic Physicians

Health and Fitness March 27, 2018

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There are plenty of people that know very little about the world of medicine and the work that doctors do. This is not good because the role of a family doctor is incredible. if you do not have a family doctor, you need to type into google find a family doctor near me or at the very least conduct a family doctor search.

Seeking out the help of an osteopathic physician can help people out tremendously. It will help them have access to a doctor or physician that can do everything. This helps in every aspect and facet of life, here are all of the facts on getting help from an osteopathic physician.

They Can Help With Mental Disorders

In the United States, the most common mental illness is an anxiety disorder. As a matter of fact, recent statistics have revealed that nearly 40 million adults over the age of 18 are suffering from this. This means that just about 18% of the population of the United States is dealing with an anxiety disorder. These people would be better off with the help of an osteopathic physician.

Over 80% of depressed individuals do not seek out professional help. Again, this just points to people knowing very little about their health and the relationship they need to have with an osteopathic physician. They do not believe that these types of doctors can actually help cure their issues and yet they can. They can work with patients to provide prescriptions and even practical methods to deal with anxiety.

Osteopathic Doctors Can Help With Testosterone

Just about 90% of all men that have low testosterone receive absolutely no treatment. This is dangerous because testosterone is needed by men throughout their daily jobs and tasks. This is one of the benefits of visiting a family practice physician, you will have someone who can help monitor your overall health.

Boosting your testosterone levels with TRT can help bring your energy levels back to normal. As many as 13 million American men may have low testosterone. These men should get the proper treatment that they need from a talented osteopathic physician.

Osteopathic Physician Can Evaluate Drug Use

It is estimated that 23% of individuals who use heroin develop an opioid addiction. As a result, it is important to have a trusted osteopathic physician by your side that can help you evaluate your circumstances to get the right treatment. So often people are prescribed drugs just for the sake of getting a prescription.

Four in five new heroin users started out misusing prescription painkillers. In 2015, an estimated 21,000 adolescents had used heroin in the past year, and an estimated 5,000 were current heroin users. Additionally, an estimated 6,000 adolescents had heroin a heroin use disorder in 2014. A trusted osteopathic physician will work with you to evaluate whether prescription drugs or physical therapy will be the best solution for your situation.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are people that do not get help from a doctor for an issue that they are dealing with. This can range and vary from mental illnesses or disorders to potential physical pain. Anyone that needs treatment should seek out that treatment because it will help them enhance their longevity in life.