3 Common Causes of Visits to Local Urgent Care Centers

3 Common Causes of Visits to Local Urgent Care Centers

Health and Fitness September 1, 2017

Emergency room

What exactly is family urgent care? You have probably heard the term medical urgent care at least a couple of times by now. You might have even seen the many family urgent care centers popping up around your local city. Family urgent care is similar to your primary physician?s office, except that you do not have to make an appointment, they have extended office hours, and are more affordable than a traditional emergency room. Family urgent care centers are the perfect option for the following medical concerns.

Cold and flu symptoms

Every year, Americans get approximately 1 billion colds. We are heading right into the popular cold and flu season and before we know it, everyone will be coughing and sniffling. While the majority of cold and flu symptoms can be dealt with at home, some do require medical care. It can be difficult to schedule an appointment around work schedules. Additionally, if you are currently suffering from cold and flu symptoms, you probably want treatment now. Because most physicians? offices cannot get patients in immediately, this can be a problem. Local family urgent care centers, however, can see people for the relief of cold and flu symptoms.


Ankle sprains may be more common than you think. Approximately 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day. While most people do not run to their physician or the local emergency care for an ankle sprain, medical care is needed when it does not improve. When an ankle sprain does not get better, diagnostic imaging is usually needed. Many family urgent care centers have on site diagnostic abilities, making the treatment of ankle sprains easier and quicker. In fact, four out of five urgent care providers even provide fracture care.

Pediatric concerns

New babies can be difficult to adjust to. They are constantly crying and screaming and it can be hard to distinguish between fussiness and a medical concern. For this reason, many new parents are constantly on the phone with their physician or bringing their child into emergency care. The problem with the local emergency department is that you might have to wait for hours. Your child is only going to get even fussier. You are also exposing the young baby to a variety of bacteria and other contaminants by sitting in a room with so many other sick patients. A family urgent care center might be the better option for pediatric concerns. The wait times are less, the medical providers are qualified, and you can have your concerns addressed quicker.

Understanding the difference between urgent and emergency

Perhaps one of the biggest confusions surrounding urgent care centers is knowing how it differs from emergency care. For life threatening medical concerns, a trip to the local emergency department is always recommended. Urgent care centers, however, are more suitable for those medical conditions that do not necessarily require emergency care, but that you are not comfortable waiting for an appointment with your primary physician. Some of the most common medical concerns include cold symptoms, sprains, pediatric concerns, and chronic pains. However, urgent care centers do see a variety of other condition.

Family urgent care centers are becoming an accepted type of medical care. They are different from and serve a different market from both primary physicians? offices and the local emergency department. The biggest advantages of the family urgent care center are more affordable treatment, less wait times, and the convenience of walk in availability.