Autoclave Uses and How to Maintain Your Valuable Equipment

Autoclave Uses and How to Maintain Your Valuable Equipment

Health and Fitness August 13, 2017

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If you’re wondering what nail autoclaves are used for, you certainly came to the right place.

Hopefully this will help you get a much better understanding of the various uses of an autoclave and everything in between.

There are two common steam-sterling temperatures in relation to nail autoclaves that are used to kill microorganisms. The temperatures are 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 270 degrees Fahrenheit. If these temperatures are not maintained, there could be serious problems on the patient being treated.

The pressurized steam inside an autoclave is about 30 psi, which is used to eliminate the majority of contaminants found in the medical, lasik, piercing, and tattoo industries.

A little history of the autoclave:

The scientific basis for sterilization was a mystery for a while untill the French chemist Louis Pasteur and his work became widely known and accepted in the mid-19th century. He found that bacteria can be killed at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Pasteur also invented the sterilization technique of boiling or heating instruments to kill microorganisms and his efforts eventually led to the use of the autoclave as a standard in medical, lasik, piercing, and tattoo industries.

What about taking care of autoclaves?

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. But simply cleaning your machine can help — but it won’t ensure quality. Cleaning is the first step in removing viruses, bacteria, and pathogens from equipment. Reusable tools must be sterilized after being washed in just about any industry involving skin and cosmetics.

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