Tips for Buying ad Selling Used CPAP Machines

Tips for Buying ad Selling Used CPAP Machines

Health and Fitness June 22, 2016

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Obstructive sleep apnea is a very seriously medical condition that impacts an estimated 18 million people throughout the United States. It raises the risk of stroke by a factor of four for sufferers and it raises the risk of heart disease by three times. The most commonly prescribed treatment is called a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Even with insurance, these machines may be expensive so many people opt for buying or selling used CPAP machines.

What is sleep apnea? When people have this condition, they stop breathing during the night when they are asleep. This can happen up to 60 times in a single night and the episodes can last a few seconds to minutes. This is where the CPAP machine comes in handy. The sleep apnea sufferer will wear a mask that forces air into the airway to keep the person breathing.

Why consider buying or selling used CPAP machines? First of all, there is the cost. While some people do rent their machines, the concept of buying or selling used CPAP machines is not new. There are some considerations you need to make when picking one out. First, you need to find out what kind of CPAP machine that you are going to need. You can talk to the prescribing doctor and have a sleep study done to determine this information. When you talk to the different places that sell CPAP machines, they may ask you fro your prescription. There are several different kinds such as the auto CPAP and the standard CPAP.

Next you need to know the varying kinds of used CPAP machines that can be sold. There are several categories. They are:

  • Pre-owned CPAP machines: They have been used by another person. Because bacteria can inhabit any part of the CPAP machine system, you need to make sure the company buying and selling CPAP machines has had their units thoroughly cleaned and can certify that this has happened. Some sellers list how much the item was used in terms of the number of hours it was used.
  • “Open Box” CPAP machines: These were not used by individuals to treat their own sleep apnea but these machines were used for patient education purposes and to train medical staff on their usage.
  • Demo/floor model CPAP machines: These machines are used just like their name indicates, as floor models and for promotions and were also not used by individuals.

And what if you want to sell your used CPAP machine? A quick online search reveals a number of options for buying or selling used CPAP machines. You will need to sell to a reputable company that specializes in buying or selling used CPAP machines. That way you are protected and the person who ends up buying is, too. Unless you have never used your CPAP machine, it will be need to be cleaned and sanitized.

Sleep apnea is really quite serious. The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research has estimated that nearly 38,000 people die every year from cardiovascular problems that come about due to sleep apnea.
Most people with sleep apnea do not use their machines as they need to be safe from the complications. As many as 80% report not using the recommended amount of time. As many as half suffers will stop after a mere one to three weeks. Doctors and sleep experts recommend using them for at last 70% of the time. They recommend using CPAP machines at least four hours a night for at least 30 days.

Some people who suffer from sleep apnea also do well to make certain changes to their lifestyle such as losing weight or switching to an adjustable bed but the CPAP machine remains the gold standard in terms of treatment for this sleep disorder. Buying or selling used CPAP machines is a good way to save money on this potentially life saving device.