HR Software Solutions for Your Company

HR Software Solutions for Your Company

Health and Fitness March 2, 2016

Employee benefits enrollment software

The human resources department (HR) plays a very important role for successful businesses. They ensure that the business is staffed with capable employees, handle administrative duties, and provide disciplinary actions when necessary. HR has evolved over the years as well, and has utilized various technological innovations that have provided many HR software solutions for companies that were struggling.

The software that is available to HR departments can be used for a variety of topics and problems. They range from providing new hires the necessary payroll and benefits information, to acting as an online security guard for their company. One of the HR software solutions to “cyberloafing”, for example, has been to simply monitor employee online activity in hopes of cutting down on time wasting. Nearly 80% of workers admit to “cyberloafing” on the job, so clearly this was a very real workplace issue.

HR software and the rate in which organizations are using them has been increasing, as well. Today, only 13% of companies have only one single HR system, which is a much smaller percentage compared to just a few years ago, and on average, companies have around four HR systems. Also, just under 60% of organizations plan to purchase a new major HR software in the next year and a half. The technology is here to stay.

It’s exciting to see what new HR software innovations will be created in the near future, but businesses currently have the luxury of these successful HR software solutions:

  • Employee Benefits Enrollment Software — Enabling new hires to sign up and access employee benefits.
  • Administration Software — Handles administrative duties like payroll, scheduling, etc.
  • Mobile HR Software — Ability to access HR software from a cell phone or tablet.
  • Employee Onboarding Software — Training programs for new employees.
  • Benefits Management Software — How employees access their benefits packages.
  • Employee Recruiting Software — Keeps track of all recruitment data and applicants.
  • General HRMS — Handles various other HR tasks.

The technology used by HR departments takes a lot of stress off of individual employees by allowing them to do all these tasks and handle these problems all at once because of these HR software solutions. Businesses can look forward to many new technologies to come that will assist them in running a successful company.

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