How to Block EMF Radiation

How to Block EMF Radiation

Health and Fitness March 23, 2016

Bioshield necklace

EMF radiation is all around us and it can be difficult to get away from it. If you are looking into how to block EMF rays, there are solutions such as EMF shielding, EMF blockers and other protective devices but the best way is to avoid all together by not using the devices that emit harmful EMF rays. Here are some methods for how to block EMF rays is not using appliances is not an option.

  1. Get Grounded
    Studies show that energetic grounding happens when someone comes into contact with a natural surface. If you walk barefoot on the natural earth, then you will be more alkaline and less stressed. There has has even been research showing an improvement in the immune system as well as other health benefits. You should make an effort to walk outside, on the grass or something else that is comfortable with no shoes on to help restore the pH of your body.

  2. Wear a Pendant
    There are some different kinds of technology available nowadays, just as the EMF blocking pendant. This is a simple, fairly attractive necklace that can shield you from most frequencies. They are available for different kinds of rays so you would have to do the research and find out exactly which one would be able to block the major radiation that you are usually exposed to on a day to day basis.

  3. Protect the Home
    One of the most important things to consider when looking to how to block EMF radiation, is ways to protect your home. If you have a family, particularly, this is especially important because children are much more susceptible to radiation than adults. You can purchase window shields and microwave shielding as well as laptop radiation blockers, etc, for the main things that the kids use. Make sure you purchase reliable, tested energy neutralizers because not all are what they claim to be.

  4. Unplug it
    When an electronic device is plugged in, it not only wastes energy but even if it is not in use it still emits EMT’s. Things that you wouldn’t even think about like the coffee pot, the computer or your curling iron could be giving off these harmful rays even if they are turned off. The answer is to simply unplug a device after it is done being used.

  5. Have a Safe Zone
    The bedrooms are a great place to designate as safe zones. This means that no electrical equipment is allowed in the room. If there is an electrical device within three feet of you when you are sleeping, it could be interfering with your sleep patterns.

  6. Avoid Wi-Fi
    If you really need internet, then try going to the library or a cafe that offers free internet. Having it constantly in the home gives off very strong EMT radiation. If you can do without it, then absolutely. You won’t regret it. It’s a great way to make the family participate in activities together anyway.

  7. Correct Your Lighting
    If you have installed low voltage, halogen, fluorescent tube lights or energy efficient compact fluorescent lighting or really any kind of ‘energy efficient’ technology, these give off the worst kind of EMF. LCD lighting is actually much cleaner and although it is a little more pricey it’s very worth it to block those nasty EMF rays from doing any further damage.

  8. Put Down Your Phone
    Try not to wear your phone on your person. Keeping a 3 foot gap between you and any electronic device when not in use is a great way to avoid most of the radiation. If your phone is off then carrying it on your person is fine but if you constantly leave it on then do not have it in your pocket or else on your body. Also, try to utilize the speaker function when talking on the phone or better yet, text. Using the keypad is a much better position that holding the phone up to your head.

If you follow these methods of how to block EMF then even though you’ll never be able to get rid of them 100%, you will save yourself a lot of bodily harm and damage to your systems by at least avoiding them, most of the time. Do what you can and you will feel a lot better.