Eye Disorders Can Happen at Any Age — Just Ask This One Family

Eye Disorders Can Happen at Any Age — Just Ask This One Family

Health and Fitness March 21, 2016

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In Las Vegas, one family is struggling with a degenerative eye-disease. In this case, the struggle isn?t just about supporting one family member through it: all six individuals have a rare disorder known as Keratoconus.

It started with Arturo Perez — at 17 years old, his teachers noticed him squinting often at the board in class. They advised him to go to an eye doctor — who diagnosed him with Keratoconus, which causes an obstruction of the cornea. His twin brother was soon diagnosed as well — and then their two younger siblings — and then both their parents.

The local doctor treating the family says that the condition ?affects vision significantly? and can occasionally create further issues when scar tissue develops. However, he advises that there is hope in these situations and that laser surgery is recommend for ensuring the utmost accuracy during the procedure.

Many people don?t realize that there?s more reasons to visit an eye doctor than just making sure your prescription is still accurate. Unfortunately, the truth about many degenerative diseases is that they can be slowed down, but the effects are often permanent. This means that if you put off getting vision problems addressed, you may not be able to reverse what has already happened.

Keratoconus is a fairly rare disease, but other progressive eye conditions are far more common. Take age-related macular degeneration as an example. This eye disease affects more than 15 million Americans and it affects the eye?s ability to sharply focus.

There are a number of ways to treat disorders. As the Perezs?s doctor advises, it?s possible to treat some conditions with laser surgery. Other disorders may require something like a vitrectomy surgery, which is the case with retinal pucker. Retinal surgery is another example. Many surgeries can be performed surprisingly quickly, with some only taking about 10 minutes — and then, of course, there is recovery time, which can take significantly longer.

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, those most at risk for eye disease will be wise to continue visiting their eye doctor regularly. It could be the difference between catching a disease early on and receiving treatment — and having to deal with the permanent and debilitating effects of vision loss.