3 of the Worst Symptoms of Fibroid Cysts

3 of the Worst Symptoms of Fibroid Cysts

Health and Fitness June 18, 2015

Uterine fibroid treatments

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the signs and symptoms of fibroids never show, but when they do, the symptoms of fibroid cysts can be downright terrible. Here are just a few of the worst ones.

Anemia. One of the most common symptoms of fibroid cysts is abnormal menstrual bleeding. When fibroids cause women to bleed extra during their cycle, they may find that they soak through their sanitary protection in under 60 minutes. They may not even be able to go out, because of their flow. When women bleed this much, they may develop a condition called anemia, which can cause fatigue, headaches, and more.

The Need to Urinate Frequently. Sometimes, depending on where fibroids develop, they may cause bladder problems. Some women may find that they need to urinate frequently, and may even wake up several times throughout the night with the urge to eliminate. On rare occasions, the fibroids may even prevent women from being able to pee, despite their having a full bladder.

Pain During Intercourse. In very problematic cases, fibroids can even cause women to feel pain during intercourse. In some cases, the pain only occurs in certain positions. In others, it may only happen during certain times of the month. This is a serious issue, and need attention immediately. Women who have pain during intercourse need to see their doctors as soon as possible.

These symptoms of fibroid cysts can make life unbearable. Fortunately, there are various uterine fibroid treatments that can help. There are medicines that can help staunch the abnormal bleeding and re-regulate a woman’s cycle. There are noninvasive procedures that can eliminate all the fibroids, and just the fibroids without damaging surround tissues, allowing women to heal faster, and get back on with their lives. In extreme cases, there is even uterine fibroid surgery that can resolve the problem.

Essentially, there are ways to get fibroids treated. Women suffering these symptoms don’t have to live this way.

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