Five Ways to Treat Dry, Itchy Skin

Five Ways to Treat Dry, Itchy Skin

Health and Fitness December 19, 2014

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For many people, winter is the worst time of the year for their complexion, causing rough, dry, itchy skin that can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, others find that the seasons have little to do with these symptoms; instead, their dry skin lasts all year. Dry skin can be caused by everything from household skin irritants and medications to underlying conditions, and should often be treated by the best rated dermatologist in your area. However, if you are reluctant to schedule an appointment at a dermatologist clinic without trying out some remedies at home, try out these tips to soothe dry skin. If these steps don’t help, however, see a dermatologist specialist.

Wear Gloves
If you have dry hands, you may be suffering from a common irritant: household cleaning products and dish detergents. To help yourself heal, wear rubber gloves when you do the dishes. For even more protection, wear a pair of thin, soft cotton gloves under the rubber layer to prevent damage.

Rinse and Moisturize
If you’re the type who can often be found hanging out by the pool, the chlorine in the water may be drying out your skin. But don’t give up a beloved activity just yet: simply make sure you rinse yourself with chemical-free soap and water after a swim. Follow up with a moisturizer that contains glycerin, which can help your skin retain moisture more effectively.

Change Up Your Diet
Essential fatty acids, like omega-3, can help keep your skin hydrated? Accordingly, omega-rich fish and flaxseed oil may help your dry, itchy complexion. Ask your doctor or the best rated dermatologist in your area how your dietary choice may be affecting your skin.

Look for the Right Products
If your skin is prone to dryness and irritation, you should look for products that have as few ingredients as possible, like petroleum jelly, which has only one ingredient and is often recommended by the best dermatologists as a simple cure for irritation. Another product that may help decrease rough, itchy skin? Oats, the same anti-itch treatment parents used to give children with chicken pox. Simply grind quick or old-fashioned oatmeal in a food processor, sprinkle it into a bath, and soak for at least 15 minutes. For other product suggestions, ask your dermatologist.

Avoid Alcohol-Based Products, Dust Mites, and More
Many people are aware that alcohol-based products, like hand sanitizers, can dry out your skin. However, some of the best rated dermatologists have also found that dust mites can cause dryness and irritation. To keep yourself comfortable and safe from germs, check the ingredients of products like hand santizers and choose the alcohol-free versions. Additionally, vacuum your home and wash your sheets in hot water at least once a week.

Dealing with dry, irritated skin can be a chore, but by taking the proper measures, you can often prevent and solve this common problem. Follow the steps above to see if your comfort and self-confidence improves. However, if the problem continues or exacerbates another skin problem, talk to a dermatologist near you. More on this topic.