Dentists May Soon Be Able to Give Cosmetic Botox Injections

Dentists May Soon Be Able to Give Cosmetic Botox Injections

Health and Fitness December 16, 2014

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Anti-aging procedures are among the most common forms of cosmetic surgeries and treatments available today. While nonsurgical facelifts and Juvederm treatments are becoming increasingly popular, most patients interested in creating a more youthful appearance still turn to Botox cosmetic injections, an option that has been a cornerstone of the anti-aging industry for years. Botox injections use carefully controlled doses of the Botulinum toxin to essentially freeze skin and ease away wrinkles. While the procedure is perfectly safe, especially due to recent developments and innovations, Botox cosmetic injections are usually applied by trained doctors and nurses to prevent any possible side effects. However, a group of dentists in Australia is arguing that they should also be allowed to perform this cosmetic procedure.

Few patients who receive Botox cosmetic injections realize that Botox is also used for medical purposes, such as treating joint pain. Because of this, many dentists use Botox for therapeutic purposes, injecting it inside the mouth rather than into the skin. Due to the training they already receive to use the product-which involves studying the muscles, nerves and vascular system-some dentists in Australia are now interested in performing cosmetic injections. Many say that they can see Botox cosmetic injections being used during teeth whitening procedures to help patients ease away lines as they improve their smiles.

Currently, the Dental Board of Australia approves the use of Botox for dental purposes only; however, some dentists in Western Australia have been able to begin offering the cosmetic injections because the area’s Health Department allows the Board to determine exactly what those purposes are, creating a gray area. Many cosmetic surgeons and doctors are unhappy with this regulation: while the use and effects of Botox have improved greatly over the years, several medical professionals have pointed out that untrained practitioners could cause a number of undesirable effects by using the product, including drooping eyelids or asymmetrical muscles.

Unsurprisingly, pharmaceutical companies are backing dental cosmetic use, and many dentists are reportedly eager to move into the field. Because of this, it may soon be possible to get Botox cosmetic injections or Juvederm procedures when you whiten your teeth. Would you trust your dentist to give you Botox injections, or would you prefer to treated by a cosmetic surgeon? This is a great source for more.