Complimentary Medicine Reaches New Heights of Popularity For Cancer Patients

Complimentary Medicine Reaches New Heights of Popularity For Cancer Patients

Health and Fitness October 26, 2014

Alternative medicine cancer treatments

Did you know that people in the U.S. spend an estimated $34 billion annually on alternative medicine? As well, approximately 33% of American adults use alternative medicine, a statistical uptick over the last two decades, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control. Many of these people are looking to alternative medicine to maintain good health, or to deal with chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes– an illness that 10% of all Americans currently suffer from.

However, a number of Americans work closely with complimentary healthcare professionals to heal far more serious diseases. For example, alternative therapy for cancer has become popular recently with patients and survivors alike. In fact, alternative cancer clinics offer patients individually tailored alternative breast cancer treatments, alternative prostate cancer treatments, and a number of other varieties of alternative therapies to meet the individual needs of cancer patients.

Typical Western medical cancer treatments often involve radiation and chemotherapy, both of which, though crucial to obtaining remission, are highly toxic to the body. Medically, both options can be extraordinarily effective at prolonging life. However, these western medicine therapies also result in painful and debilitating side effects, as well as a general reduction of the immune system’s effectiveness. This is where centers specializing in alternative therapy for cancer patients can be quite beneficial to people undergoing harsh treatments.

Alternative therapy for cancer survivors and patients emphasizes a largely holistic wellness approach to support multifaceted eudaemonia and well-integrated, robust health. Those practitioners working towards helping patients achieve optimal well being rely on a variety of tools and practices. In fact, there are numerous methods by which those practicing alternative therapy for cancer go about engaging patients.

One touchstone of alternative therapy for cancer is a proper, plant based, highly nutritive, non-processed diet. Nutrition is considered a significant catalyst driving the body’s innate curative processes. So too do holistic doctors offering alternative therapy for cancer patients work to mitigate the body’s inflammatory stress response vis a vis meditation, yoga, gentle exercise, talk therapy, acupuncture, qigong, positive psychology and CBT techniques, and guided imagery. These tools make it possible for patients to regain the emotional and physiological equilibrium that may have been thrown off balance during a necessary but aggressive Western treatment process. As well, healthcare practitioners employing alternative therapy for cancer patients emphasize the creation of a personalized vitamin and mineral supplementation cocktail to rebuild the body’s nutritional reserves.

Many cancer survivors who have gone through alternative therapy for cancers believe that it not only made the difficult Western medicine procedures easier to endure, but actually might have influenced the rate and extent to which they experienced full recovery. Over time, researchers have realized that a fully integrated treatment plan that includes both conservative western medicine therapies and alternative complimentary practices offers patients the best chance for a high quality life.
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