Get the Bod You’ve Always Wanted by Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

Get the Bod You’ve Always Wanted by Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

Health and Fitness September 3, 2014

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The summer is finally winding down as the Autumnal Equinox on September 23 draws ever closer. With the closing of the warm season ends yet another season of superhero films, showcasing both men and women who have absolutely transformed their bodies in order to portray the larger than life superheroes and supervillains of the silver screen.

Whether you’re talking about “Guardians of the Galaxy’s” Chris Pratt or “X-men’s” perpetually ripped Hugh Jackman — or Jacked-man, as is likely more fitting — these stars worked with some of the best personal fitness trainers in the world. If you’ve seen these movies and though, “Boy, I’d love to look like them,” you’re in luck. By learning to choose the right personal fitness instructor, you can get that superhero physique you’ve always wanted, so long as you’re willing to work your butt off.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer Who Can Help You Get Ripped

  1. Look at Each Trainer’s Qualifications
  2. For, few things are as important to choosing a personal trainer as looking at their credentials. Trainers with American Council on Exercise or American College of Sports Medicine certification will be better able to form an effective personal fitness plan than a trainer without certification. This is crucial to getting the results you want without hurting yourself.

  3. Go with Someone Who Believes in Full Body Training
  4. Have you ever seen those guys at the gym with the massive upper bodies but tiny baby legs? Not only do they look ridiculous, they’re also setting themselves up for serious injury. As Men’s Health points out, this is exactly why you need to look for personal trainers with a comprehensive training strategy. Doing so, you can train your core muscles to support your upper body, train your lower body for balance and cardio workouts, and get that massive upper body.

  5. Don’t Neglect Your Budget
  6. As The Guardian details, you literally can’t afford to neglect your budget when hiring a personal trainer. Typically, personal trainers charge anywhere from $25 an hour up to many hundreds per hour. Find out beforehand how much you can expect to pay to avoid an unexpectedly terrible bill.

  7. Are They a Specialist?
  8. Whether you want to be a better runner, forge yourself into a powerful martial artist, or simply get in great shape, you need to make sure your personal trainer has the specialty to match. If you’re really into martial arts, ask your dojo for a recommendation for a trainer that specializes in prepping fighters. Likewise, if you’re a runner, look for a runner. The benefits here should be quite obvious.

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