Six Common Chemical Peel Myths

Six Common Chemical Peel Myths

Health and Fitness August 12, 2014

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Chemicals peels are a popular procedure for skin rejuvenation, along with microdermabrasion and botox. What is a chemical peel? They are the application of a peeling solution for means of exfoliation, collagen stimulation, and retexturizing. but because they are so popular, and there are so many different types of peels, there are often misconceptions about them.

  • You Can go Right Back to Work – This is only true of the most superficial of peels, a medium or deep peel does require time for recovery. The exact amount of time varies from two days to two weeks, or even sooner if you don’t mind looking red and scaly.
  • It’s Fine to Get a Peel at a Spa – You risk complications depending on the type of peel and experience of the staff performing the procedure. You’re safer to stick with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.
  • I Should See Results Right Away – Your skin will always looks worse before it looks better. Be prepared for a period of redness, peeling, and other side effects for a few days or weeks, depending on your peel.
  • Basically a Mini-Facelift – A peel only addresses surface wrinkles caused by sun damage, and the amount of actual skin tightening provided by the peel is minimal.
  • Look 10 Years Younger – The best chemical peel will provide you with clear, radiant skin that is good for your age, but will not make you look ten years younger. Fortunately, the results of a chemical peel are long-lasting, so your skin may well still look great ten years down the line.
  • Only for Old People – Light chemical peels may actually be appropriate for people in the twenties, as that is when you begin to accumulate sun damage. Some peels can help treat light-to-moderate acne. If you are dissatisfied with your skin at any age, you can explore the possibility of a peel.

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