What Its Like to Be a Nurse at the Local ER

What Its Like to Be a Nurse at the Local ER

Health and Fitness May 17, 2023

When one calls 911 or drives straight to the emergency section of a hospital, the ER nurses are the first respondents. They’re present to offer and handle any medical needs that patients require. During a medical emergency, the local ER experiences organized chaos. The nurses and other medical practitioners have experience with what to expect and the steps to take.

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Amidst the chaos, a nurse exhibits critical thinking to save lives.  

The nurse’s first step at the local ER is to assess the situation and the patient’s medical condition and state. The quick actions they take determine if a life gets saved or not. The objective is to sustain life and create an avenue for proper medical care provision at the hospital. For the ER nurse, providing immediate medical support to minimize long-term negative effects is the objective.

One of the key responsibilities of the nurse at the local ER is to communicate with the patient’s condition and help decide on the next and best medical action to take. They work with the doctors and the patient’s family or guardian to learn more about their history and record. The ER is fast-paced, so the nurse covers lots of ground. They’re quick, cohesive, and responsive to the patients and other medical co-workers.