11 Reasons to Use Soy Lecithin

11 Reasons to Use Soy Lecithin

Health and Fitness August 15, 2022

This video will show you 11 reasons why you should use soy lecithin. Lecithin is a fatty substance that exists in plant and animal cells. This substance is a prevalent ingredient in food manufacturing operations. Non GMO lecithin that manufacturers extract from organic soy is one of the healthiest ingredients for baked goods.

Why should I use lecithin? Using lecithin is an excellent remedy for neurological issues including memory loss, ADHD, dementia, and tremors.

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Lecithin is also essential in preventing dryness and hair loss. Medical experts advise patients to use lecithin to trigger bile to reverse unhealthy fatty livers. This bile is also helpful in preventing bacteria from overgrowing in your small intestine and reducing the risk of developing gall stones.

Lecithin is also vital for breathing because it enables your lungs to exchange gases. Other benefits of using lecithin include reducing high-density lipoprotein (HDL), better reproductive health, cardiovascular regulation, anti-inflammatory comfort, and skin disease prevention. You can source substantial amounts of non GMO lecithin from egg yolks and beef.