Dont Suffer From Dry Eyes

Dont Suffer From Dry Eyes

Health and Fitness March 12, 2022

There are many reasons why people experience dry eyes. Allergies, medication reactions, and health conditions can all contribute to this experience. Thankfully, ophthalmologists have ways to prevent and treat dry eyes.

People feel that their eyes are dry when their tear film is disrupted. This film is made up of an oily layer, a watery layer, and a mucous layer, and it gets refreshed every time a healthy person blinks.

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If any of these layers is disrupted, the eyes aren’t properly protected from the air and can feel dry and uncomfortable.

Treating dry eye depends on the root cause of the problem. Ophthalmologists can test tears to see if they are missing the mucous, oil, or water components they need. Then, they can recommend appropriate treatments. If the body is simply not producing enough tears, they can keep tears from leaving the eye by closing the tiny tear drainage channels in the eyelids. This procedure can be useful for people who suffer from aging-related dry eye.

If you are experiencing dry eyes syndrome, you can reach out to an eye doctor in your area for assistance. If you wish to try to treat it on your own at first, you can try over-the-counter artificial tears.