What Are Some Venous Disease Treatments

What Are Some Venous Disease Treatments

Health and Fitness January 21, 2022

There are various venous disease treatment options for you to choose from. This video is everything you need to know about any type of venous disease treatment. Watch the entire video to find out the options.

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Exercising, decreasing weight, avoiding tight clothing, elevating your legs, and avoiding lengthy periods of standing or sitting can all help to relieve pain and prevent varicose veins from worsening.

Wearing compression stockings all day is a common initial step before going on to additional therapies. They apply consistent pressure to your legs, allowing veins and leg muscles to circulate blood more effectively. The amount of compression varies depending on the kind and brand.

Compression stockings are available at most pharmacies and medical supply stores. Prescription-strength stockings are also available and, if your varicose veins are causing problems, are likely to be reimbursed by insurance.

Another process is Sclerotherapy. In this process, your doctor injects a solution or foam into tiny and medium-sized varicose veins, scarring and closing the veins. Varicose veins that have been treated should diminish in a few weeks.

Although the same vein may need to be injected many times, sclerotherapy is successful when performed appropriately. Sclerotherapy does not require anaesthesia and may be performed in the comfort of your doctor’s office.

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