Can Personalized Genetic Testing Make Prescriptions Safer?

Can Personalized Genetic Testing Make Prescriptions Safer?

Health and Fitness October 19, 2021

In the world of medicine, personalized genetic testing is certainly making waves. This type of patient testing and care could very well change the way we look at medicine. One of the biggest things that has come out of personalized genetic tests is the finding that prescriptions could be made safer with this technology. Let’s take a look.

Genetic testing can be helpful for almost any patient who needs a prescription drug, but even more so for patients who might not know their family medical history or have access to that information. Personalized genetic tests can reveal drug allergies and sensitivities that we may not have known about before.

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Essentially, testing someone’s DNA can allow medical professionals to see how certain enzymes would react in their bodies. They can use specific enzymes from prescription drugs to test for any adverse reactions the patient’s genes might have.

Genetic testing in the medical field isn’t a new technology, but it’s being used in new ways that may help medical professionals protect and better serve patients.