Why You Should Consider Cryotherapy for Age Spots

Why You Should Consider Cryotherapy for Age Spots

Health and Fitness June 7, 2021

A visit to a cryotherapy expert can help you obtain cryotherapy for age spots. It is an inexpensive method to use if you have a dark spot you need to remove. Age spots are essentially spots or patches of skin that don’t have a texture to them but are noticeably darker than the rest of your complexion.

Cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen to the problem spots, which is a painless procedure. Learn more about the procedure in this video.

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Cryotherapy freezes the top layer of your skin, making it shed to reveal the unblemished skin underneath. It may cause redness and scarring for a while, but there is no extensive long-term damage. It is simple and quick, and as long as the treated area is moistened with Vaseline during the healing period, it should heal well.

If you decide to go for cryotherapy for age spots, make sure to research on it a little, and plan for the treated area to be extra visible for a few weeks while it scabs over and heals. It is an effective alternative to laser surgery, which is a cosmetic surgery and is generally not covered by insurance.