Thinking about Mountain Biking Consider these Helpful Tips

Thinking about Mountain Biking Consider these Helpful Tips

Health and Fitness July 25, 2018

Mountain biking in Milwaukee is not for the faint of heart, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be experienced in order to take part. You do, however, have to have the right equipment to partake in this sport. Bicycles have been around for years with over one billion bicycles in the world and over 100 million being manufactured each year. Not only are the efficient saving over 238 gallons of gasoline each year, but they are healthy and fun! No matter what your reason is for wanting to check out the biking paths and trails in Milwaukee, you want to make sure you are prepared for the road ahead. Read below to see simple tips and tricks for choosing the best bike for your adventure.


You always want to ensure that you have a properly fitting helmet when you decide to go biking, no matter where you are biking at. A properly fitting helmet should be adjusted to fit correctly. If your helmet has ever been involved in a crash it should be replaced and not used. Check your helmet thoroughly before each use to make sure that the inside does not show signs of wear or any cracks.

Riding Plan

You need to determine where you plan to ride most of the time. If you plan on riding up mountain trails then there is a specific bike that you should choose. If you plan on touring the down-hill portions of the mountain trails then your bike needs will differ. If you plan to stick with the pre-made bike trails a different bike altogether will be needed. Determine where majority of your riding will be done because this will help you be able to determine different features of a bike that you will end up needing depending on your biking desires.

Bike Frame

There are different types of material used to make bike frames. Aluminum, carbon fiber titanium or steel are the options. Your budget along with the type of riding that you plan on doing will determine which bike frame material you choose. Carbon fiber provides a light weight coupled with durability. Aluminum frames are strong stiff and priced within reason for those on a budget. Steel is optimal for those planning on carrying things on their bikes, it is firm, sturdy and the cheapest of all options. Titanium has many of the same features as steel except it weighs less and is extremely difficult to work with meaning it costs the most.


A common myth about mountain bikes is that a rear suspension will slow you down and make your bike less efficient. This is not true. This type of suspension allows you to easily ride over obstacles in your way without slowing you down. Your suspension absorbs slowing impacts allowing you to continue your ride over any terrain you choose.

Once you have figured out the perfect bike, you must perfect your bike parts from the track chain, handlebar end caps, bicycle toe clips and other features that makes your bike all yours. A Milwaukee bicycle co can help you accommodate any style bike to match your exact taste. Choosing a Milwaukee bicycle co to add accessories and parts ensures that you can find the part necessary for any type of riding conditions including mountain biking. Don’t trust your bike accessories to any bike store, choose a reputable Milwaukee bicycle co to ensure that all parts of your bike are specific to your desired ride.