Family Health and Family Fitness 5 Ways to Get the Whole Family Active

Family Health and Family Fitness 5 Ways to Get the Whole Family Active

Health and Fitness May 22, 2018

There are many reasons why families would look for ways to stay active. Obesity and heart disease pose problems for adults and children, and physical activity helps alleviate these and other health problems. Those who engage in physical activity at least three times per week lower their risk of having diabetes, being obese or finding themselves needing heart procedures or heart care services. Heart disease costs over 200 billion each hear killing about 610,000 people with majority of those people being over the age of 65. Physical activity is a good way to prevent this disease and getting the entire family involved is a great way to have accountability and ensure that the entire family stays healthy. Read below to see ways that families can stay active to better attain family health.

Take a Walk

As a family a nice stroll together after dinner not only allows for you to wind the day down together, but it also allows the entire family to get exercise together. Walking is an excellent way to achieve family health. Walking is also encouraged for heart care and to help with weight issues. Get out together, walk together and have some fun together while keeping family health in mind.


Another fun way that the whole entire family can spend some time together and achieve family health is to swim, especially during the summer months. Swimming encourages healthy weight loss and cardiovascular health. Families who swim together enjoy games while swimming making the exercise much more intense. Get outside and enjoy some summer swimming with the family.


Biking is a fun sport which encourages healthy families, and allows families to spend time together. Biking is something that can be done when the weather is cooler like fall or when it is warmer like the spring. Biking together is something that can be done on all types of terrains, and slowly builds muscles while helping to maintain weight. Get out of the car and get on a bike to see the family health benefits of bike riding.


Hiking is another incredibly sport that is good for womens health as well as family health. Hiking can take your family on a variety of journeys that you otherwise wouldn’t get to go on. It can intrigue children’s interest especially when find fun things on trails. This can lead to them wanting to find more and more things, which in turn can lead to them wanting to go further and further on each hike or trail. Have fun taking a hike with the family as the temperature permits.


Many game systems allow families to participate in fitness games together. This is a perfect chance for families to work together to achieve family fitness and family health. Use these games to get the entire family involved and see who can score the highest score. Once you know who has the highest score make it a point to try and beat the highest score. This can be a fun and interactive way for the entire family to get active and fun at the same time.

Use these suggestions to encourage the entire family to get active and stay active. Switch the activities up so that they don’t get boring. Getting the entire family involved helps everyone have fun while getting the physical activity that their body needs and requires. Get the kiddos involved in physical activities to see which ones they like best, or to even choose new activities that the entire family can partake in.