Tips for Proper Maintenance of Your Scooter Lift

Tips for Proper Maintenance of Your Scooter Lift

Health and Fitness December 27, 2017

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Many people in the United States live with some kind of disability. There are at least 53 million people like this around the country. New data show that the most common form of disability is one that impacts a person’s ability to get around. Accordingly, about 6.8 million people use some sort of device to help them get around. If you are one of these people, you may have a scooter lift for trucks and cars on your vehicle. Given how important that is for your quality of life and your ability to get around, making sure it works correctly is very important. Here are some things you should know about and do to make sure it is working when you need it to.

Pay attention to your cables.

By far, the main problem many people with mobility scooters have with their lifts are with the cables. When they are not set correctly to meet the weight of the mobility scooter, you can have a lot of problems. Even when the cables are put in correctly and are the right ones for the set up you have, time, wear and tear will take a toll. Cables can become stretched and worn out. This is why it is important to pat attention to them over time. All scooter lifts for trucks and cars come with a manual. You should make it a point to familiarize yourself with the specifications for your cables.

Pay attention to any spots of rust, rotting areas, corrosion or anything else that looks not right with the cables. They should also be replaced after between four and five years. Even if less time has passed and you see real problems with the cables, you may want to get new ones.

Inspect your scooter lift for trucks and cars.

The easiest thing you can do make sure scooter lifts for vehicles are in good shape is to take some time to look them over every now and again. Check the carriage and tracks for any dust, gunk or debris that may be caught there. Every day when you are using the vehicle with the lift, you should check how it works without anything on it. Check out how the lift itself if working but also look at the safety mechanisms and make sure they are working correctly.

Also make it a point to check for anything that has spilled on the lift. If you see, grease, oil or any other liquid has spilled on the lift, you should wipe it up.

Make sure your cables are in good shape.

The cables on a scooter lift for trucks and cars need some love and attention to. Every three moths or so it all depends on how much you use the lift, should be sprayed with D-40 or some other lubricant. This will help with the overall smooth running of the scooter lift.

Have your scooter lift for trucks and cars checked on an annual basis.

While it is important for you to take a look at how the lift is working on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, once a year you should let the professionals take a look-see. When you have the professionals look over your scooter lifts for vans and cars, you can catch small problems before they have the chance to become large and both dangerous and expensive to fix.

Here is a brief overview of what should be checked and when:

Every day:

  • Go around the scooter lift for trucks and cars and look for dust and debris.
  • Clean up any leaks you find.
  • Look over the cables, chains and wires to make sure there is no damage from the last time you looked.
  • Run it up and down with nothing on it to make sure it is running ok.

Every seven days:

  • Check the lubrication on the carriage area, pulley and the chains.
  • Look at the tension in the cables, refer to your owner’s manual for any advice.

Every month:

  • Check the lubrication and add more if it is needed.
  • Make sure all bolts and nuts are good and tight.
  • Check for defective or worn out parts on your scooter.

Every 12 months:

Bring your lift into the professional.

With the proper care and feeding, scooter lifts for SUVs, cars and trucks should last a long time.