Knowing When to Replace 4 Importnat CPAP Parts

Knowing When to Replace 4 Importnat CPAP Parts

Health and Fitness October 12, 2017

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Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition that affects many people. Statistics show that someone suffering from obstructive sleep apnea may experience 60 breathing interruptions during each hour of sleep. Many people living with sleep apnea find themselves feeling restless throughout the day due to these interruptions. Research conducted by the National Commission on Sleep Disorders found that nearly 38,000 deaths happen each year that, in some form, relate to sleep apnea. Many people utilize a CPAP machine to keep them safe from the effects of this condition. It’s imperative to ensure you keep certain parts of your CPAP machine replaced regularly. Here are general replacement guidelines for four common CPAP replacement parts.

  1. Nasal Pillows

    You’ll find that it’s best to replace the CPAP nasal pillow once every few months. It’s important to regularly replace nasal pillows due to where they’re located. The human face is known to contain microscopic bacteria, dirt, and oils. Residue left behind by wearing a mask will cause the nasal pillows to lose their fit.
  2. CPAP Masks

    The mask of a CPAP device maintains contact with your skin. As mentioned earlier, skin is known to leave residue behind on a mask. If you continue to use an older mask, you’ll find that residue may lead to developing oily skin. Your skin will benefit from ensuring you keep CPAP masks replaced every three months.
  3. Mask Straps

    The time that it takes for straps to lose their elasticity will vary. Nearly everyone that orders CPAP replacements part will find themselves in need of a new CPAP strap. Using a strap that is worn down might lead to the CPAP mask not fitting properly. A CPAP mask that doesn’t fit properly won’t be able to help you breathe correctly throughout the night.
  4. CPAP Machine

    In some cases, it’s easier to get a new machine rather than purchasing CPAP replacement parts. The typical lifespan for a CPAP machine is about five years. However, certain CPAP machines are likely to last longer if parts are replaced in a timely manner. It’s imperative to continually use a CPAP machine without taking breaks. A medical professional will help ensure you have proper guidelines for how long to use your CPAP machine. Statistics show those who live with sleep apnea that remains untreated are three times more likely to have heart disease than those utilizing treatment.

In summary, there are several parts on a CPAP machine that will require replacement. Nasal passages are known to harbor all sorts of bacteria. The nasal pillows of a CPAP machine need to be replaced every two months. Human skin collects dirt and residue throughout any given day. Any item worn on the face for long amounts of time will collect buildup of skin residue. Finding CPAP replacements parts often means ordering a new mask. Many people order replacement straps for their mask to keep the device at maximum elasticity. Over time, an entire CPAP machine might require replacement but this normally takes years to occur. Keeping plenty of backup CPAP replacement parts on hand is wise to keep your machine performing in an optimal manner.