Dealing with a Bulging Disc and the Accompanying Pain

Dealing with a Bulging Disc and the Accompanying Pain

Health and Fitness October 12, 2017

Bulging discs

No one wants to live with chronic pain. It can be debilitating and interfere with so many things that you love to do. And when that chronic pain is in your back, it can often feel like there is nothing that you can do without igniting that searing pain. Whether you are dealing with a bulging disc, damage to the muscles, or some other form of back pain, it can feel like a major interruption in your ability to function normally. But there are ways to deal with this pain, and many types of back pain can be remedied. Start out by speaking with a back specialist to go over the specifics of your pain and what might be done to get you active and comfortable again.

From bulging discs to spinal cord stimulation therapy

There are several different ways that people have experienced intervertebral disc injuries, pain, or discomfort. There are many cases where a herniated or bulging disc can be attributed to the normal age related wear and tear over time, but other cases can result from straining the back by lifting something heavy or in an improper way. While the majority of bulging discs, at 90%, show up in the lower back, it is possible to experience this unfortunate pain in any of the three spinal regions where the discs are present. The cervical, or upper region, the thoracic, or middle region, and the most popular, the lumbar, or lower region.

About 10% of these types of cases call for surgery to remedy the problem, allowing the patient to experience pain relief and recover the ability to fully function. For some, this means spinal cord stimulation therapy, which is relatively minimally invasive, though it does involve implanting devices that will help to relieve the pain.

Different approaches to healing and recovery

As every back injury or pain is unique to the individual experiencing it, and every person has a different level of pain tolerance and ability to function with their pain, there are multiple ways to address back pain, depending on the situation. Spinal cord stimulation therapy is just one way to go about pain relief. There are other methods as well, ranging from physical therapy and regular medication, to invasive surgery. With spinal cord stimulation therapy, the surgery is reversible without a high risk of permanent change to the spinal cord. The best way to find the ideal approach to eliminating your back pain is to discuss at length with your doctor or specialist the options you have.

You could be much closer to a life free of pain than you think. You deserve a life of movement and enjoying every moment.