Application of Blister Packs for Medical and Consumer Goods Packaging

Application of Blister Packs for Medical and Consumer Goods Packaging

Health and Fitness April 17, 2017

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In drug formulation development stage, the pharmaceutical and medical packaging is as important as the content and composition of the drug. Formulated drugs are packaged in various types of special containers such as bottles, blisters, syringes, cartridges, vials, and ampules. With most of these packages made from materials such as metal, plastic, and glass; drugs are stored in gaseous, liquid or solid form. It’s the end product of formulation development that will determine the type of packaging to be applied.

Among the various packaging options available for medical products, the blister pack is one of the most widely used pharmaceutical packaging options. This pack is excellent because it can store products into specific dosages, and facilitates easy packaging of large quantities of medicines. With PVC and foil material making a blister pack, package durability is guaranteed for product safety. Besides, this package is fitted with safety features that limit tampering from children, and only adults can access the content inside.

Often, blister packaging is completed with vinyl that can be customized in various colors, tint, and translucent appearances with clear brand and dosage prints. Below are few common blister packaging types and their application.

Carded Blister Packaging
A special kind of packaging used to package medicines. Carded blister packs are made from a tough airtight material that protects medicine from being tampered with, especially by children. This packaging choice ensures proper parsing of drugs into approved dosages, which allow consumers to take their medication safely.

Consumer Goods Blister Packaging
Another blister card packaging option is this consumer goods blister packaging. As the name suggests, this blister pack type is used to package consumer goods such as electronics, hardware, toys among others products. Consumer goods blister pack come in bespoke design to suit specific shape and size. The back cover, often made of cardboard is colored and designed to blend with the item inside.

Clamshell Blister Packaging
Unlike the two types of blister packaging discussed above, clamshell blister packaging is the least famous. However, this packaging option is one of the safest and sturdiest blister pack. The clamshell blister pack is made from thick plastic with the hinge-like feature included. With the ability to fold and open, a consumer product is safely placed between the folds and then sealed. Though the seal forms a strong bond on the blister pack, and sometimes it becomes frustrating trying to open this package, it’s arguably the safest way to store goods.

However, in drug formulation development, different drugs have different formulation types. It’s within this formulation type parameters that a type of package is selected to properly administered drugs to the patient. Whether you are looking for a suitable package for medicines or other pharmaceutical products or just a functional package for consumer goods, blister packs offer the best packaging service.