Manage Your Incontinence with These 7 Tips

Manage Your Incontinence with These 7 Tips

Health and Fitness January 18, 2017

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Millions of American adults suffer from urinary incontinence. It can often be an embarrassing topic to talk about it with their doctors or anyone else. The good news is that there are some things you can do, if this is a problem you have. There are products you can buy such as disposable underpads, washable bed pads for incontinence and there are even adult diapers for sale. There are also life style changes you can make to alleviate some of the problem so that you do not have to just deal with the symptoms.

  1. Manage your fluid intake. Sometimes, people who have this problem just decide to drastically cut down on the water they drink. While it is good to pay attention to how much fluid you take it, drinking too little water can do real damage to a person’s bladder and can even cause more leakage because the urine produced is very concentrated and that is irritating to the bladder.
  2. Make a point to go to the bathroom every two to three hours. Making a schedule for going to the restroom can do a lot for people who have an overactive bladder or who suffer from urinary incontinence. You should not wait until you think that your bladder is full to to go to the bathroom. This is not an effective way to deal with this problem. Expecting this to be the way to deal with urinary issues is one reason so many people need diapers for adults, they expect they can just wait until their bladders are full and that approach leads to accidents. What people should do is set a schedule and stick with it, even when they do not think they need to go to the bathroom.
  3. Make sure you know where the bathrooms are, wherever you go. If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, you will feel better about your situation if you always know where the restrooms are. When you do to the store, take a look around to locate the rest facilities. When you go to any new public space, you should take a few minutes when you get there, or before you go, to find out where the bathrooms are located.
  4. Maintain a journal. There are different kinds of urinary incontinence. When you are talking to your physician, you will help them to diagnose the right kind of urinary incontinence so that your treatment can match what you have. If you keep a record of when you have problems with incontinence, how much liquid you had consumed and when, and what kinds of accidents you had, it can help them help you. Keeping a record of the steps you have had to take to cope such as buy disposable underpads or washable mattress protector.
  5. Get to a healthy weight. Many people are able to reduce the problems they have with urinary incontinence by losing some weight. There is a definite link between urinary incontinence and obesity. It has been shown that if an obese woman loses 10% of their weight, they can cut down the problems they have with urinary incontinence by about 50%. When there is more pressure on the abdomen from excess weight, it contributes to incontinence. When you are able to maintain a healthy weight, this can do a lot of things for your overall health and well being.
  6. Cut down on your caffeine and alcohol intake. Both of these substances are diuretics that can irritate the bladder. Limiting the amount of beverages you have that are caffeinated or have alcohol in them will help with your urinary incontinence. This can make a bit difference for a lot of people.
  7. Stop smoking. There are no medical conditions that cannot be made better by the cessation of smoking. It has been shown that there is a connection between smoking and urinary incontinence. If you smoke, you should stop. There is also a direct link between bladder cancer and smoking so that is another reason to quit.

Today, millions of people are living with the problem of urinary incontinence. That is why there is such a demand for products like disposable underpads. Thankfully, using disposable underpads , however, is not the only way to deal with this issue.

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