A Solution to Addiction Ibogaine Drug Treatment Programs

A Solution to Addiction Ibogaine Drug Treatment Programs

Health and Fitness January 23, 2017

Buprenorphine addiction treatment

Currently, there are more than 20 million people in the United states 12 and older that have an addiction other than tobacco. Out of this number, 2.6 million are dependent on both alcohol and various types of illicit drugs. It has also been determined that 6.8 million people with addictions experience some form of mental illness.

It is not uncommon for Individuals with drug-related issues to wind up in the the hospital emergency room. In 2011 alone, more than five million emergency room visits were due to drug-related issues. Furthermore, in 2014, there were over 47,000 deaths associated with drug overdoses and related complications.

In addition to taking illicit drugs, such as heroin, many individuals abuse prescription painkillers. During 2012, for example, there were more than 259 million prescriptions written. Over then past ten years, there has been a 400% increase in the use of prescription opiates.

There are a variety of prescription drugs that tend to be abused. These include methamphetamines such as Adderal. Methamphetamines were commonly prescribed during the 1950s and 1960s to provide a weight-loss aid and treat obesity. Adderall has been used to treat attention deficit disorder as well as narcolepsy.

There were nearly 14 million prescriptions written for Adderall in 2011. These were primarily for adults between the ages of 20-to-39.

Other types of prescription drugs that tend to be abused are opiates such as Oxycodone. This drug is intended for individuals that experience the type of severe ongoing pain that is associated with debilitating diseases such as cancer.

There are treatment solutions available for individuals experiencing one or more addictions. Ibogaine drug treatment has been found to be effective in treating the following issues:

    Adderall addiction
    Alcohol addiction
    Buprenorphine addiction
    Cocaine addiction
    Methadone addiction
    Methamphetamine addiction
    Oxycodone addiction
    Oxycontin addiction

For opiate addiction, Ibogaine has been found to eliminate up to 98% of the withdrawal symptoms. It has also been shown to alleviate post-acute withdrawal syndrome. In addition to using Ibogaine drug treatment to significantly reduce cravings for stimulants, Ibogaine drug treatment also reduces cravings for alcohol.

Given that over 20 million people in the United States are addicted to drugs and alcohol, it’s important to note that Ibogaine drug treatment is one available option to address this prevalent issue.