Make Your Recovery from Gastric Bypass Surgery Easier with These Tips

Make Your Recovery from Gastric Bypass Surgery Easier with These Tips

Health and Fitness July 23, 2016

Gastric bypass recovery time

In the United States, there is currently an epidemic of obesity. More than two-thirds of all American adults can be classified as being overweight or obese. A person who weighs 20% more than what is normal for their height is considered to be obese. Many people who fall into this category opt to have gastric bypass to lose weight. People who have any kind of bariatric surgery report a weight loss of about 61% of the excess weight. The gastric bypass recovery time can be challenging but with these tips, it will be easier.

How long is the gastric bypass recovery time?

Most of the time, the bariatric surgeon will do this operation laparoscopically. This means, rather than making a large incision that cuts through all the muscle in the abdomen, the surgeon makes several small incisions and used special tools to complete the gastric bypass. This greatly reduces the gastric bypass recovery time. You can expect to spent between three and five days in the hospital. You should be able to get back to your normal activities within a few weeks.

Tips to help your recovery from gastric bypass surgery:

Get up and walk as soon you can.

The sooner you are able to get up and start moving the better. Your gastric bypass recovery time will go a lot smoother if you are able to push through any pain that you have and get moving. For the first few days after your procedure, you will be more tired. That is normal. Gastric bypass surgery is serious and your body uses a lot of energy healing. It is still important to move. When you get home, at first you may only want to walk around the house. That is fine You can work your way up to walking around the block. Make it a point to start your day with a walk.

Do not deviate from your gastric bypass revision diet.

It is extremely important that you stick to the diet they give you at the hospital. Your diet has been tailored for your surgery. You will not be able to eat as much due to the surgery but you do yourself no favors by making what you eat be fried chicken. Your gastric bypass surgery should be part of your weight loss efforts but can be undone if you eat the wrong foods. Also, it is only part of your weight loss campaign None of the types of weight loss surgery work without modifying the diet.There are gastric bypass requirements that may have included some weight loss before the surgery could be performed so you know the operation is just another step in your weight loss journey, it is not a destination. This diet may be a big change for you but you will adjust, you may even find eventually you have found new, healthy foods like you like to eat. If you eat too much, at first it will make you sick but as time goes on, it is possible to expand your stomach so that you can eat more and bit by bit, you can undo the good your surgery did you.

You will get through the depression.

Many people go through a period of depression after they have major surgery and weight loss surgery is no different. It is important to to try to stay positive. Many people find that joining a support group for people who have undergone weight loss surgery is very helpful. You will meet people who have gone through a similar experience to yours. They may have had a different procedure as there are many weight loss surgery options but they can still offer helpful information and support. Your doctors can help you with some things but the people you meet at support groups can give you practical advice for life after having the procedure. Some people find what they call an “accountability buddy” and that person helps them stay on their diet and they are helped by that person in the same way.

The gastric bypass recovery time is not long but it can be hard. You are changing your life for the better and you will feel better.