How to Protect Yourself and Home from Harmful EMF Waves

How to Protect Yourself and Home from Harmful EMF Waves

Health and Fitness May 16, 2016

Laptop radiation shield

EMF dangers are alive and real in our world today. Many people don’t understand the real hazards that they cause but it’s true. Fortunately there are electromagnetic protection products and EMF blockers available but in order to make use of them you have to know which one is appropriate for what situation. A benefit of EMF blockers is that you could use all of them or just a few of them and it would still make a difference to your health and well being. Let’s look at a few of the products that are available and see if any of them fit your lifestyle.

Cell Phone Radiation Blocker
Cell phones transmit a huge amount of radiation even when they aren’t being used. Scientists have found that the original distance of an inch from the face when being used for a call is probably not nearly enough of a distance to keep the person from being exposed to the EMF waves. You can purchase cell phone radiation blockers that look like cases that can be put on your phone in order to limit the waves that come from the phone. However, in order to still be able to emit a signal, the EMF blockers cannot protect you from all of the EMF waves that cell phones let out.

EMF Protection Jewelry
EMF protection necklaces, bracelets and anklets are all used in order to protect people while they are out and about. The truth is, you can do everything you can to protect your house but even just walking in the street can expose you to all kinds of electromagnetic field waves. Wearing something like an EMF protection necklace can help to block those rays that may be out in the world. The hard part is that we can’t see the waves so it’s hard to know when they are around. If you wear an EMF protection necklace all the time then you won’t have to worry about when the waves are nearby and when they are not. The EMF protection necklaces and other jewelry allow you to function normally and not be paranoid about where you can and can’t go.

Window Shields
This is a great one for houses. You could do everything in your power to be able to protect your home from EMF rays and then the neighbor across the street could be doing nothing. This means that their EMF waves will make their way to your house. Short of never opening your doors and windows, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about this. Or is there? By purchasing EMF window protectors, you can finally let the fresh air in while filtering out the waves from across the street. Window shields look much like window screens and can be used instead of them. So they not only filter out EMF waves but also bugs!

Laptop Radiation Filters
Laptops are another bad emitter. They can also emit the EMF waves even when not in use. Always remember to shut off laptops, not just close the lid and put them to sleep. Or you could purchase a laptop radiation blocker. These are similar looking to a case and a screen protector. They are fairly inexpensive as well and will give you the peace of mind that even if you forget to shut it completely down, no EMF waves will be emitted into your home.

The great thing about EMF blockers these days is that you can hardly tell that that’s what they are. They look just like any other protector case or screen so you don’t have to make a big deal about them. That is a good thing and a bad thing because it would be great to raise awareness regarding EMF but if you are a non confrontational person, then this is a good thing for you. However, if you ever have the opportunity to share the effects of EMF and why you purchase blockers and protectors, don’t hesitate to let people know. The more people that know, the better off the world will be. Maybe, if the word spread far and wide enough, we could eliminate these harmful rays from our atmosphere all together.