Airplane, Car, and Home EMF Dangers

Airplane, Car, and Home EMF Dangers

Health and Fitness May 6, 2016

Cordless phone radiation

Camilla Rees, an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) health advocate, believes flying airlines with WiFi services is an extreme risk for radiation.

“An airline is a metal cage and is an especially high risk environment for radiation,” Rees said to O’Dwyer’s.

Rees is the founder of Electromagnetic Health and thinks the small windows on an airplane don’t do too much to relieve from the radiation.

Cars can be just as dangerous for radiation because of the small metal enclosures where people use cell phones.

“Using your cell phone in your car in dangerous and not just because it can cause an accident,” Lloyd Burrell, of, said. “There’s also a direct effect on your health.”

Burrell states that the radiation in your phone could be like a miniature microwave.

“The radio frequency radiation from your cell phone reflected back by the car’s metallic structure magnifies the radiation. It’s called the Faraday cage effect,” Burrell said. “Would you consider sticking your head in a microwave oven when it’s turned on? I didn’t think so.”

Some electromagnetic protection products can work to dispel the radiation effectively, but not everyone utilizes them.

“Using a cell phone in a car works on the same principles ans a microwave oven,” Burrell adds. “Both cars and microwave ovens are essentially metallic enclosures where radio frequency radiation is magnified. This radiation from your cell phone bounces around your car and is absorbed by your body at a much higher level than would otherwise be.”

Rees hopes her list of 50 + EMF Safety Tips and Insights will spread throughout the public and even encourages people to sign the “EMF Petition to Congress” and compares EMF rays to tobacco in the last two listings.

Some electromagnetic protection products like laptop radiation protection devices, EMF protection necklaces, and other EMF jewelry can sufficiently lower your chances of being negatively affected by radiation.

It’s important to do as much information as you can on your particular situation so that you can keep yourself and your family as safe as possible.

Consider things like how much time your family is spending on their cell phones, how close cell phones are being kept to the face, how long laptops are open, shutting off devices while they are not in use, and your home’s proximity to cell phone towers.

Electromagnetic protection products are extremely important and they could end up saving your life! Continue reading here.